The EZ-Load Magazine company is a collaboration of highly skilled tool and die makers with a fondness for firearms and a commitment to crafting the highest quality components available to firearms enthusiasts.

The Parkers are a family of dedicated machinists who also own and operate the Parker Tool and Die company. Founded in 1976, Parker Tool and Die is well-known for extraordinary craftsmanship and responsiveness to customer needs.

Robert Parker, along with his son Michael and their business partner Steve Lazzara founded the PTMagz company in 2017.

The team realized the most difficult and time-consuming thing about practicing marksmanship and getting the most trigger time at the range, was loading ammunition into their factory magazines. As avid shooters and skilled craftsmen in the machining trade and manufacturing, they knew they could improve the traditional spring-fed magazine design and build something better that would both load rounds faster and solve the annoying problem of sore, callused fingers.

After nearly two years of development and precision testing, they invented, patented, and introduced a revolutionary new magazine design for 1911-style pistols to the marketplace, calling it the EZ-Load Magazine 1911 .45 ACP.

Evident in the design of the EZ-Load Magazine is their attention to making the process of loading magazines easier and faster. Regardless of a person’s level of experience or hand strength, the EZ-Load Magazine provides a much more enjoyable loading experience.

The 7-round, EZ-Load Magazine 1911 .45 ACP is the first model to be introduced and will be followed by models appropriate for various other semiautomatic sidearms as well as rifles.

Every single EZ-Load Magazine is 100 percent Made in the U.S. and proudly built by workers in Mundelein, IL.