It’s a completely new way of loading your magazine. When extended and locked, the EZ-Load Floorplate leaves the body of the magazine empty allowing ammunition to be inserted with minimal resistance. In the EZ-Load Magazine, the constant tension spring found inside a traditional magazine has been replaced by the EZ-Load Floorplate’s telescoping tube (shaft).

The EZ-Load Floorplate is similar to a collapsible umbrella shaft. The floorplate is securely attached to the patented telescoping tube. The connected shaft is comprised of a stainless-steel tube surrounded by three additional tubes, each larger in size than the next. They smoothly slide over one another maintaining optimum spring tension on the ammunition column as each round is fired.

With the EZ-Load Floorplate extended and locked in the slot on the locking plate, there is no heavy spring tension against the follower making it easier to insert each round into the magazine.

Typical semiautomatic pistol magazines are equipped with springs that are strong and difficult to compress, especially when they are new. Pushing each round against the powerful spring pressure takes time and energy. The EZ-Load Magazine design requires only the slightest pressure to load each round. Once the EZ-Load Floorplate is extended and locked, each cartridge can be quickly loaded with minimal force.

The magazine can be unloaded in the conventional manner by pushing each cartridge forward out of the magazine. Or, extend and lock the EZ-Load Floorplate in place and invert (turn upside down) the magazine allowing gravity to do the work.

Maintenance is quick and easy. Extend and lock the EZ-Load Floorplate in place. Using a suitable tool push the follower to the bottom of the magazine. Wipe debris or firing residue off the inside of the magazine and any exposed parts.

EZ-Load Magazines enjoy a Lifetime Limited Warranty. EZ-Load Magazines will be repaired or replaced at no charge if the product or a component of the product proves defective because of improper material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

Many times, new shooters are intimidated by the difficulties of inserting the last couple of rounds into their magazine. Instructors always want to provide a simple and stress-free experience for their students. The EZ-Load Magazine is a trouble-free way to minimize problems for students who may be physically challenged or turned off by the pain associated with loading cartridges into a traditional magazine. This results in quicker loading which means more time for shooting. More shooting time means more time to train.

The EZ-Load Magazine is a self-contained unit making it unnecessary to purchase and carry a separate loading device.

There’s no substitute for quality. EZ-Load Magazines combine the best materials available with precise, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. They deliver the finest replacement magazines to customers that include features and benefits not available with any other magazine. The patented EZ-Load Floorplate with its integrated telescoping segments is unique and includes features and benefits not available with any other magazine.